Snowdon Practice Run


Team Wayne have all been training hard, with workouts in the gym, circuit training, boxercise and walks along the Thames Path. But nothing can prepare them for the 3 Peaks Challenge than climbing one of the actual peaks!

Consequently, The Team decided to climb Snowdon as a practice run. It’s a 4 hour drive to Snowdonia from Cricklade, meaning an early start was in order! But, after filling up with fuel and pasties on route, the boys arrived in Llanberis around lunchtime and found a car park close to the start of the Llanberis path.

Equipped with their rucsacs, boots, gaiters & waterproof jackets (purchased with the generous sponsorship of Dave Cobb Transport), the boys began their ascent.

Damo, Kev, Carl, Mike & Dave started off slowly (Bow was unable to make this particular practice run due to work commitments & the fact that Damo was rubbish at giving him sufficient notice, oops)! The first hour seemed to go by pretty quickly, and the boys stopped for a rest. But a quick glance at the map meant they realised they weren’t even halfway up! So, they began to march on at a much quicker pace, although some of the path was very steep which slowed them down a bit!

Blizzard conditions met them at the top, with fresh snow coming up to Damo’s knees! (And yes, we know he’s short)! The team reached the summit in just under 3 hours and it felt really good! They stopped for photos at the highest point in the whole of England and Wales, but the snow clouds obscured the view a little!

The hike down was much quicker. They even ran most of it! Kev & Mike completed the trek in 4 hours 10 minutes, with Damo, Carl & Mike far behind. Given that the team have allowed 4 hours to complete Snowdon on the actual challenge, this was very pleasing to do it in this time at the first attempt. Hopefully, if time, money and fuel allow, the boys will make another attempt in the coming weeks (giving Bow much more notice this time)!

Damo broke down on the way home & after their 7am start, the boys didn’t get home til Cricklade (on the back of a tow truck) until gone midnight – but the less said about that bit, the better!

All in all, despite the long journey home, it was a great day out and the team bonded really well. It was a fantastic achievement and we are all proud of the whole team for their efforts!