:PLEDGEitPledgeit is a brilliant new digital platform from the team at Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research.

Pledgeit works by taking fundraising on its head. Rather than thinking up a challenge ourselves (eg the infamous 3 Peaks Challenge) and then asking people to sponsor us, Pledgeit gives the power to affect change to those who stump up the cash – eg YOU!

On Pledgeit, YOU think of a challenge for someone then get all of your friends and family to pledge money. If, and only if, they complete the challenge the money goes to Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research. No other charities currently do this. Because Pledgeit is the first crowdfunding site built in-house by a charity, 100% of the money goes to Leukeamia & Lymphoma Research.

We’ve kicked things off by challenging Damien’s Mum, Ali, to complete the Great South Run next year. Ali has been along to support Team Wayne the past couple of years and has vowed to do the run herself in 2013. So, to give her extra motivation pledge some sponsorship!

For more information, see https://pledgeit.org.uk/challenge/show/124